Focused on Finding You a Job

Imagine you’re a Mexican national. You’ve worked in the US before, but you got laid off and now find yourself, and your family back in Mexico again struggling to make ends meet and trying desperately to find another job in the US that will allow you to get a work visa so you can move your family back to the States and return to the quality of life you had become accustomed to.

This is the exact situation one of our client’s faced. We worked tirelessly to help them find a job in a crowded IT management field and they are now comfortably employed and living in the US once more.

Imagine you were laid off 6 months ago. As a mid-level IT professional over the age of 50, you’ve done everything you could to find another job but not only are openings in your field few and far between, hiring managers are constantly passing you over in favor of younger candidates. You’ve been out of work so long, you’re forced to consider turning to entry-level retail jobs that barely pay over minimum wage just to keep your bills paid.

This is the exact situation one of our clients faced. After struggling for months on his own, he turned to us for help. Within a matter of weeks, we helped him find a new job in the IT field making nearly as much as he had been at his previous company, and it was only 3 miles away from his house!

Imagine your company has announced an opening that will be a considerable move up from your current position. Despite the fact that they explicitly told you they “rarely promote from within”, you’ve managed to make it through three grueling rounds of interviews. Now you’ve been asked to prepare a 30-60-90 day plan to present next week and it is either going to make or break your chances of getting the promotion.

This is the exact situation one of our clients faced. Not only did we prepare a killer resume specifically tailored to his job opening that helped propel him through 3 rounds of interviews, we came through on short notice and created an amazing 30-60-90 day presentation that wowed management so much, they decided to buck their trend of “not hiring within”, and he was offered the position.

These are just a few of the scenarios we are constantly presented with. You see, our focus isn’t on writing resumes, it’s finding you a job!

Who We Are

NicolePL-11-200x300Nicole Lewis is an expert resume writer and career consultant. She’s personally written resumes for just about every industry you can imagine. She’s helped many people find jobs, apply to jobs and get hired.

After spending years of helping family and friends with their resumes and job searches with amazing success, she decided to start Virtual Career Consultant in 2011 so that she could offer her unique services to even more people. Since then she’s helped people all over the world facing amazing levels of adversity find jobs, lending a hand in every capacity possible. While she is a true expert in writing resumes that showcase the client’s unique skillset in a way that has proven to get hiring managers’ attention, she’s much more than your average resume writer.

When you order a resume from VCC, we aren’t just farming the work out overseas like a lot of our “budget” competitors do. You’re project won’t be passed down to a low level employee with little experience or concern for your unique situation. Every resume written at VCC is expertly crafted by Nicole.