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Career Changing in the Diving Economy


Some people are forced into career-changing moves.  Perhaps their position or industry has vanished, or maybe they have had enough of their mundane, repetitive job duties.  Whatever the reason, career changes can rapidly become imminent.  Changing careers in an unstable economy can be very difficult, but it can most certainly be accomplished.  The difficulty arises […]

How to Dodge Illegal Interview Questions


Human Resource managers spend countless hours fashioning strategic questions to ask in a job interview.  After all, it’s a big part of their duties.  While they are very in tune to the legality of the questions they are permitted to ask, some are cleverly designed to walk that thin line while attempting to extract all […]

3 Myths Concerning Older Job Seekers


Sir Isaac Newton discovers gravity when a falling apple lands on his head.  Bigfoot terrorizes the regions of North America.  Hiring younger workers makes more sense than hiring mature ones. Which one of these myths is most widely believed? Mature Job Seekers Have a Lot to Offer Newton and “Sasquatch” may be forever doubted within […]

How to Answer “Describe Yourself” Question in an Interview


If you are lucky enough to be invited for a job interview, you should view it as your time to shine.  The hiring agents and employers have seen and studied your resume, probably checked your background, and maybe even contacted your references.  But it is how you present yourself face-to-face that is going to make […]

How Can I Make Myself Irresistible to Potential Employers?


We all want to make good first impressions on others.  We especially want to favorably impress a potential employer during a job interview.  Employers from the fast food industry to the corporate world, seek out individuals who display certain positive qualities; qualities that are pivotal to the success of their companies.  Specifically, those positive qualities […]