Professional Resume Service $59.95

Start your job search out on the right foot with a professional, concise resume and cover letter. Whether you already have an existing resume, or you’ve never written a resume in your life, we’ve got you covered! We’ll work with you to discover all the pertinent information necessary to build your resume from the ground up. For a small one-time fee of $59.95, you’ll have a professional resume that you can be proud to take to any potential new employer. Try to find someone offering this at a lower price, most resume writing services charge in the hundreds! Learn More.

Job Specific Resumes $49.95

In addition to a standard professional resume, we also offer job specific resumes tailored to the exact position you are applying to. We highlight all of your skills that align with the job description and make you look spectacular to hiring managers. Additionally, we can help your resume get picked up by automate resume processing software like Taleo, giving you an extra leg up and increasing your chances of being noticed. Learn More.

Job Specific Cover Letters $24.95

Don’t apply to your dream job with a sub-par cover letter! With something as life changing as getting hired at your dream job, wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward by submitting a custom cover letter tailored specifically to the job you’re applying for? We’ll start from scratch and put together a cover letter that will give you that added boost you need to make a great first impression on the hiring manager. At only $24.95, you can hardly afford NOT to get one! Learn More.

Creative Resumes $149.95

Make your next job application the one that sticks with a bold and creative resume. We use color and bold designs to create a one-page resume that will showcase your best attributes and easily get the attention of hiring managers. When you are competing with potentially hundreds of other applicants, you need a way to stand out and be remembered, and our creative resume will help you do just that. This is one you don’t want to miss! Learn More.

Scouting Report $24.95

Are you scheduled for an interview with a company that you are excited to work for but have no time to spend researching it before the interview? Look no further; we will search the internet and that company’s website for news, history, ideals, financials, etc. and send you the information in a document that you can study so you will be prepared! Maybe you would just like to know more about a company before you even apply so that you can impress them with your vast knowledge about them. Either way, you will be thrilled you didn’t spend hours searching something that will only cost you $24.95. We think you will be pleased with your Scouting Report, as will the prospective employer.