Success Stories

Actual Client Results

These are just a sampling of experiences from our actual clients…

  • An IT Manager out of work for over 6 months gets a job in under 6 weeks after trying our professional job search
  • A recent culinary graduate gets a job at a high end restaurant in less than 1 week using a custom resume we created
  • A part-time gas station employee gets a higher paying accounting job in under 2 weeks on our job search program

Client Testimonials

Nicole is an expert helping people find employment in a very tough job market. Her online methods of finding job leads are unmatched and her knowledge of resume writing will make your skills look as good as they should. It took 5-6 weeks after working with Nicole to find my dream job. She is highly reputable and you can believe she will get the best results for you. Simply the best!” – R. Larson, IT Project Manager
Nicole did an excellent job bringing my resume up to date, making it more appealing, streamlined, and informative. I was hired within 1 week!” - B. Rose, Line Cook
I was working at a low-paying job barely making ends meet after losing my job in accounting. Working 40 hours a week left me too tired to dedicate the time needed to search for work on my own. When I found out about Nicole’s company, I was eager to get to work looking for a new accounting position. Within 3 weeks of using Nicole’s job search service, I had a new accounting job less than 30 minutes from my home!” – D. White, Staff Accountant